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Knowledge is power. Well, here we provide you knowledge about power – solar, that is!

Solar insider is your one-stop destination for all things solar. Here you will find scores of articles explaining the ins and outs of solar energy, and how we can transition to a solar powered world.

Our purpose is to act as a bridge towards a new earth – from its old, polluted, non-renewable energy dependent version to a new, clean, renewable energy powered one. This is the most profound of changes humanity is making to ensure the survival and well-being of the planet.

As is characteristic of all changes, there’s a lot of chaos involved. Is our technology good enough to harness the potential of the renewable sources? What about the costs involved? What are the practical ways in which one can adopt solar energy? Well, these are questions we, along with the world governments, energy giants, scientists, engineers, economists, and environmentalists, are attempting to answer.

In today’s information-deluged world, finding the right knowledge solves half the dilemma. That is precisely why Minus CO2, a leading solar company In India, offers Solar Insider – to act as a reliable guide for all queries you face about entering a solar-powered world. The engineering marvel behind solar panels, the financial and environmental benefits of choosing solar energy, how solar energy is being widely recognized as an investment and not an expenditure, how you can go solar even without much initial investment, the advancements in technology we are waiting to ensure better harnessing of solar energy- you will find in here credible information presented in a readable way. And if you have a query you can’t find solutions for in our pages, feel free to inform us at info@minusco2.in – we would be happy to assist you!

We at solar insider believe that the future is solar. And solar energy the greatest of presents you can gift to your present!

If you feel called to go solar, make sure to check our sister site at Minus CO2. Folks there are really on to building customized, avant-garde solar solutions for the modern world!

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Before we sign off, let the poet remind us-

“After all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, ‘You owe Me.’
Look what happens with a love like that – it lights up the sky.” –Rumi

Why bother looking elsewhere when we can let the same love that lights up our skies light our homes, devices, and lives as well!

Let the Sun awake us to a solar world, sooner!