Alternating Current (AC): Current that reverses its flow direction at regular intervals. Unlike DC, AC is predictable and usable by electrical appliances.

Anti-reflective Coating: A coating which reduces reflection and increases sunlight absorption of photovoltaic cells

Balance of System (BOS): BOS involves all the components of a solar PV system other than the solar modules

Cables: Cables are used to interconnect solar panels and other components of a solar PV system.

Conversion Efficiency: Percentage of solar energy captured and converted into usable electrical power.

Degradation: The decrease in output and efficiency of a solar PV system over time.

Direct Current (DC): Current that always flows in the same direction. DC is produced by the solar system and stored in the battery. Unlike AC, DC is not appliance-friendly.

Energy Analysis: The thorough inspection that will provide the most accurate cost estimate and purchase option.

Feed-in Tariff: Amount received for the excess unused electricity fed back to the local utility grid.

Grid-connected System: A solar PV system which is connected to the grid so it can draw the required energy and feed excess energy.

Inverter: Device for converting Direct Current to usable Alternating Current.

Junction Box: Ensures power flows in one direction and prevents back-flow of current to the panels on cloudy days.

Meter: A technical device used for managing the system’s production data.

MNRE: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. MNRE provides a subsidy for a grid-connected system.

Net Meter: A device used by the utility company to manage the electricity generated by sending excess energy back to the grid.

Operation and Maintenance: Operational needs of a solar PV system that includes cleaning, repair, monitoring etc.

Panels: Devices made up of many photovoltaic cells linked together to form a circuit

Payback Period: The time required recovering the cost of solar investment

Performance Ratio (PR): PR indicates the functional efficiency of a solar PV system. It is the ratio to actual power yield to the target power yield.

Photovoltaic Cell / Solar Cell: Absorbs a definite range of available sunlight and converts this energy into electricity.

Power Purchase Agreement: A legal contract between a solar provider and a customer that allows the customer to install a solar PV system at little to no upfront cost.

Preventive Maintenance: Periodic maintenance to prevent the likelihood of system failure.

Proactive Monitoring: Monitoring approach to avoid potential problems.

Representational Estimate: Customized proposal and estimate of costs that depend on various system parameters

Solar Array: Heart of a solar PV system that is made up of multiple PV modules.

Solar Module (Panel): Devices made up of many photovoltaic cells linked together to form a circuit.

Sustainable Energy: Form of energy that is inexhaustible.

Tax Benefit:  Credit intended to reduce the tax bill.

Utility Grid: A collective network of all power lines that deliver the local power supply.