1.    How much time does it take to install a solar PV system?
The time it takes to install a solar PV system depends upon the size of the system you need. While it takes 2-4 weeks to install smaller systems, larger systems might take about 4-8 weeks. It is to be noted that the actual construction at the site won’t be taking this long – half the time will be spent in assessment, design, engineering etc. When it comes to solar, much effort and care go into these off-site activities such that the installed system performs at its functional best.

2.     What factors are important to consider during Solar PV system installation?
Your solar PV system’s optimum performance is as much dependent on the installation as on the quality of the system. That is why one needs to choose the right Solar PV Company who ensures that all the standard procedures are duly followed. Since the installation involves many technical nuances, it will be difficult for a layman to oversee the same. Once you choose the right Solar PV Company, you can be carefree about the installation. Thus, the most important factor is to do good research before selecting your Solar PV company.
Whether you purchase the system or enter into a Solar PPA with the chosen solar company, do not shy away from being acquainted with the installation procedure-
a.    Go through the layout drawing and ask for the details of the costs involved.
b.    Is the delivered material in accordance with the bill of the same? Are they damage-free and stored properly?
c.    Are all the cables and wires involved installed properly?
Remember that a good solar company will be transparent with you regarding the details of cost, quality of material etc. and will strive to satisfy all your queries on your Solar PV system.

3.    What would be the annual maintenance cost for a solar PV system?
The wonderful thing about the electricity generating mechanism of a solar PV system is that it uses the readily available, inexhaustible fuel of sunlight! There aren’t any moving parts on the system either. Thus, one can expect negligible maintenance costs for the system. The maintenance cost for the solar PV system can be a mere 1-2% of the initial investment.  This is true for on-grid systems only since off-grid systems that employ batteries may incur additional charges that come with the need for battery replacement every 3-5 years.
For on-grid systems, a few of the maintenance procedure might include cleaning of the modules from time to time (you can even install automated cleaners!) and a regular monitoring of the system’s performance. Minus Co2 ensures optimum performance of your solar PV system with the help of its best in class monitoring technology so that the burden of monitoring of the system doesn’t fall on your shoulders.
Also, it is to be noted that if you go solar by entering into a solar PPA, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the system is maintained well at no extra cost to you

4.    What permits & approvals do I need to install a solar PV system?
One doesn’t require any permit to install an off-grid solar PV system or a grid-tied system meant for self-consumption. But on-grid systems with net-metering requires one to obtain
– Approval from DISCOM for grid connectivity.
– Approval from Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government of State for systems with a capacity greater than 10 KW (this may vary from state to state)
For those wishing to avail the benefits of MNRE subsidy, Income tax deduction etc, there’s much paper-work involved as well, which, thankfully, Minus takes in its stride. That’s another benefit of choosing a reliable solar company- they handle all the related paperwork, letting your transition be smooth and carefree!

5.     What steps should I take to buy a Solar PV system?
– Do your research.
– Talk to Minus Co2 at +91 90226 50560 | 022 4976 6944 or mail at
– Let the company visit your site to give you its estimate and assessment.
– Negotiate the deal after ensuring that you are satisfied with the pricing, warranty, and other terms.
– Let Minus CO2 usher you into a solar future!