Solar-powered Lohegaon Airport to Install First in Country Solar Power Plant

The list of first in India is soon to get a new addition. Thanks to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for initiating phase two of solar power plant installation in Lohegaon airport. Once installed, this 100 kW (kilowatts) capacity flexible panel solar power plant is all set to turn heads.

Lohegaon Airport

The decision was announced at the airport advisory committee (AAC) meeting held on 17-Jan-2019. Ajay Kumar, Pune airport director said Hindustan times that the successful operations of the first solar power plant led to the installation of phase two of the new project. He added that the work for the first in country 100 kW capacity flexible panels has already been allocated on the rooftop of the terminal building of Lohegaon airport.

Ajay Kumar believes that by increasing the capacity of the solar power plant above the average airport requirement of 600-700 kW, the entire airport can run on solar power.

A senior airport official on the condition of anonymity revealed that the solar power produced by the plant will be used as the primary source of electricity while regular power supply will be kept as a backup under unpredictable circumstances in future. Moreover, phase two installation is expected to help the Lohegaon airport authority save on electricity bills.

One has to note that Cochin International Airport is the first airport in India to run on solar power while Lohegaon airport will be the first in India to have a 100 kW (kilowatts) capacity flexible panel solar power unit.

Having announced the opening of one of its kind solar power plant, Lohegaon airport authorities placed the public on cloud nine with their reduced parking fee announcement. Officials reported that the charges for parking between 30 and 120 minutes will be reduced.

Few major upgrades in a number of check-in counters, seating capacity, number of trolleys, number of boarding gates and building establishments are soon to be made in Lohegaon Airport.