Pune’s Nine Hills Combats Exorbitant Electricity Bills by Switching to Solar Power

Nine Hills co-operative housing society at the NIBM annexe got all the name and fame for installing the city’s largest rooftop solar power plant. The society installed a 120 kW Solar PV system at an initial cost of about 55 lakh that significantly dropped to23 lakh after receiving a subsidy from the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA). With 322 flats and 1600 residing members, the society went solar for many reasons.

Pune Nine Hills Society
From left: Nine Hills secretary Alpesh Shah, corporators Prachi Allat and Nanda Lonkar, and mayor Mukta Tilak at the inauguration of the solar power plant.(HT PHOTO)

Kusai Goawala, Chairman of Nine Hills and a Chartered Accountant, shared his solar inspiration story with Hindustan Times. He reported that he came across the use of solar panels in a school while visiting one of his clients in Kharadi. When Kusai Goawala shared his idea of going solar with society’s members, they gave their earnest approval. After 4 months of the installation process, the society’s solar PV system was inaugurated by Mayor Mukta Tilak who took pride in the society’s decision to go solar.

Among the various reasons for going the solar way, the society claims that exorbitant electricity bill since 2015 was the primary reason that made them switch to solar power. During the pre-solar period, the society’s monthly bill was approximately 3 lakh. This price dropped to1.75 lakh per month during the post-solar period. Alpesh Shah, secretary of the society said that the society takes delight in this decision as they are not only combating the heavy electricity bills but also contributing significantly towards the eco-friendly way of living.

The 120 kwp plant generates electricity based on net-metering consumption wherein the power is sourced through MSEDCL to the tower C, D, E and F of the society. The solar PV system is installed on the terrace of the above four towers to ensure easy connectivity to the transformer. This set up also facilitates centralized cabling throughout the society consisting of six towers in total.

Pune’s Nine Hill’s decision to go solar is an inspiration to societies throughout Pune. Are you inspired by their story? Then, contact Minus CO2 to go solar and become an inspiration.