Solar Power: The Future of Housing Societies in Navi Mumbai

In India, cities are gradually transforming the way they operate and care for their environment. By incorporating eco-friendly techniques in the very fabric of how they operate, cities will be able to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency. But, developing a smart city solution is no easy task. A smart city should be a livable city and strategies for efficient power generation must be incorporated in the planning process.

Installing solar panels is currently trending in housing societies across Navi Mumbai. Many housing societies, individual houses and bungalows in Navi Mumbai are actively participating in the promotion of sustainable energy solution. These societies prefer solar power for common facilities as they claim that the power bill from MSEDCL often runs up to lakhs.

Housing societies in Navi Mumbai

Among several societies that have taken up solar power project, members of the following three societies have shared their views on opting for cost-effective solar power with TOI.

Tulsi Prerna in sector 1 at Khanda Colony, Panvel

Tulsi Prerna in sector 1 at Khanda Colony plans to save around 80% of power consumption and 2 lakhs per month from a ₹2 -₹2.5 lakh monthly bill with a 90 kW solar power plant. The plant will cater to the power needs for the common facilities in 224 flats in 4 wings.

Laxman Salunke, Chairman of Tulsi Prerna said that the plant has the capacity to generate 400 units per day with which 8 elevators, 5 pumps, 5 ACs in the clubhouse, staircase and lobby lighting in all 14 floors and terrace can be powered.

Hex Blox in sector 10, Kharghar

Like Tulsi Prerna, Hex Blox in sector 10, Kharghar aims to save around ₹3 lakhs per month with a 150 kW solar PV system that has the capacity to power 12 elevators, 24 water pumps, gymnasium equipment, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, 500 odd-lights and electrical fixtures in 320 flats in 6 wings

Akash Kokadkar, treasurer of the society claims that although their project cost was ₹75 lakh, they were able to reduce the cost with 30% upfront government subsidy.

Yash Paradise Society in Airoli

Yet another society in Mumbai, Yash Paradise Society in Airoli hope that they will be able to save around ₹1 lakh per month from ₹2.5 lakh monthly bill with a 110 kW plant that will cater to the power needs for the common areas of the society.

Bhagwan Patil, the vice president of the society said that with a 110 kW plant, they were able to save 40% while running 5 heavy pump, 14 lifts and lightings.

Unlike the above-mentioned societies, Yash Paradise society outsourced the set-up with the help an agency that invested its own money and will also maintain the plant. The society will receive power below the regular tariff as promised by the agency and the agency will deal with MSEDCL.

Large housing societies in  NMMC and PCMC areas have also launched solar power project. Recently some more societies have also joined this drive towards smart energy choices.

Last but not least, here is a glimpse of FAQs answered by satisfied residents who switched to solar power.

FAQ 1: Why use solar energy?
Society: We get an eco-friendly backup power system. It is a viable alternative to gird and besides it is cost effective.

FAQ 2: Is it pocket-friendly
Society: Yes. One can save up to 80% on electricity consumption and cost.

FAQ 3: Does it need a large space to be set up?
Society: Any standard building’s terrace or rooftop is an ideal place for installing the panels.