Three Powerful Reasons to Go Solar This Year

Sun – the ball of fire at the hearth and heart of our solar system. Sun is the source of energy to one and all – from the teeny-tiny unicellular organisms to the grandest of the planets revolving dutifully in their orbits. Why, then, did we take us this long to turn to the Sun to meet the fast-growing energy needs of mankind?

Why Go Solar

Want to know why going solar is the surefire solution to many pressing environmental, economic and political issues we face today? Read on.

1.    Energy of the (very near!) future

Most of the conventional energy sources are non-renewable i.e., only a certain reserve of theirs exist; and with our increasing energy demands, these are getting used up at alarming rates. As is true of the rules of Economics, increasing demand + scarce resources leads to higher costs. Next time you hear about the rising energy costs, you know it is not the government or the economy that is to actually blame but our dependence on the non-renewable energy resources.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say against this scenario that if there is a future for earth and mankind, it is solar! After all, we never have to worry about using up the sun! Solar energy is freely available throughout the year and is truly inexhaustible. Solar energy, thus, provides you true immunity against the rising threat of energy costs.

2.    Save money

Worried about the rising electricity bills? Prepare to be even more worried about the same in the next few years! As explained above, energy bills are sure to go up in the coming years; and the only solution is switching to an alternative energy resource.

What if you could save up to 80% of your electricity bill by installing a solar PV system from Minus CO2? Most people deter from switching to solar energy because of the huge charges involved in the initial installation. What many aren’t aware of is the existence of Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)that lets the residential society, bungalow, commercial institution and the like install a PV system with little to zero upfront cost. In this setup, Minus CO2 sells the power generated to you at a cost lower than the retail electricity rate. Imagine waking up to lower electricity bills (up to 30%) without the trouble of even making an initial investment!

3.    Honour Mother Earth

Carbon emissions- the yardstick we employ to measure the amount of damage we cause to our environment. Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the primary culprit behind global warming, which, if left unchecked, has the potential to wipe away the mystery of myriad life forms, including ours, from our planet. Gone are the days when we had to wait for a flawlessly benevolent power system or heroic avatar outside ourselves to rescue us from the impending danger lurking around; today demands that each of us do our bit to create a sustainable future.

If honouring Mother Earth comes at no extra cost to you, instead can prove financially beneficial for you, why wouldn’t you choose the same? Did you know that an average 50 KW Solar PV system from Minus CO2 reduces up to 72 tonnes of carbon emissions per year? Together, let us add up the CO2 levels we ‘minus’ from our beloved earth’s atmosphere!

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