Rooftop Solar Systems – Energy Bowls of the New World

What’s all the buzz about Rooftop Solar PV systems these days? Ever wondered about the shining, glassy surfaces that suddenly appear atop your familiar buildings – schools, commercial establishments, residential societies? This is because the world’s energy map is changing, and people are catching up! Shifting to renewable sources of energy is no longer just about saving the planet – thanks to incentives from the government, it is also about saving a lot of money.

Born in 2015, Minus CO2 is on a mission – to pioneer India’s energy transition into solar. Four years and 2000 KW plus rooftop solar PV systems older, we are one of the fastest growing solar companies in India today. And from what we see of the increasing enthusiasm among people to transition to solar energy, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that in a few decades most of us would look on fossils fuels and the like as redundant. While the major driving factor behind this is humanity’s greater concern for our benevolent planet, there’s another reason that is catalyzing the change – huge long-term savings!

Rooftop Solar Systems

Yes, shifting to solar energy is one of the wisest investments you can make in today’s uncertain economy to guarantee savings in the long run. How would you like to receive an 80% reduction in your electricity bills? Calculate how much 80% reduced costs of electricity consumption would save you in a year, and in 20-25 years – the average lifespan of a rooftop solar PV, and you get the picture!

How to go solar

Did you know that the government offers 40% tax benefits through accelerated depreciation to the commercial sector? Did you know that residential societies, educational institutions and those in the social sector can easily avail a 30% MNRE subsidy?

There’s even good news for those who don’t want to make an initial investment at all? You can enter into a solar PPA with Minus CO2 under which you can rent the system and buy electricity from us at rates far below the conventional grid charges you?


Convert sunlight to power (and money!)
How would you like the Sun to make its contribution to your wallet? Replace high electricity bills with an easy money-making model which takes advantage of the sunlight your roof receives. You aren’t going to complain about how hot the sun is anymore!

Reliable energy
A solar PV system will act as your reliable source of power for 25-30 years. In addition, it only requires 1-2% of the initial cost for annual maintenance.

Eco-friendly and clean energy
Planting trees alone won’t do, you might want to consider solar PV plants as well, every KW of which offsets 20 tonnes of CO2, a feat only 154 trees can do.

Quick payback period
Your system will pay back for itself in 3-4 years, and the rest of the energy it produces in effectively free!

How to get yourself a Rooftop Solar PV system

1.    Site inspection
We first inspect your site to assess its potential for solar power generation and then advise you on the best possible solar rooftop solution as per your requirement.

2.    Design and engineering
Time for our efficient engineers to shine! They prepare an energy-efficient design as per your demand which maximizes your savings.

3.    Permits and approval
Leave it to us to get all the approvals for net metering and the like done. We will also avail you all the available subsidies from the government.

4.    Supply and delivery
All the quality solar equipment required for the installation would be delivered at your doorstep without any hassles.

5.    Installation
Our skilled installers will get the system mounted with precision and accuracy in no time.

6.    Support and service
We provide 5 years full-time warranty, 5 years inverter warranty and 25 years warranty on the solar modules. Count on us for after-sales support, warranty support, maintenance and repair services etc. 

Oh! We forgot to add the very step in the process – dial us at +91 90226 50560 | 022 4976 6944, or fill up our enquiry form at to arrange a call back from us!